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1. What do you wear to bed with your love?:
I never sleep. Sleep is for wimps.
All I want to wear is you, baby! Aw yeah!
I wear something I know my partner will love.
T-shirt, pajamas, whatever is clean really...
Usually just my underwear.
Pajamas, duh.
I don't bother to change before bed.
Silk or satin pajamas are my favorite!

2. Choose a movie:
"Say Anything"
"Dirty Dancing"
"Fatal Attraction"
"Pretty Woman"
"American Pie"
"There's Something About Mary"
"When Harry Met Sally"

3. Do you like sweets?
On special occasions
Hand over the chocolate and no one will get hurt!
Sure, but I don't overdo it.

4. "Roses are red, Violets are blue...":
"If you give me your love, I'll always be true!"
"I'd ask you out, but I haven't a clue!"
"If you buy me a drink, you'll look good to me too!"
"monkeys are brown, and so is their poo!"
"Sugar is sweet, and so are you!"
"I'll tell you a secret - I'm crushing on you!"
"My boots are black, so shut the f*ck up!"

5. When you were young, did you hand out valentines?
Yes, but only because I was forced to.
Yes! And I made them myself!
I played sick that day.
Yes, I'd pick out valentines with my favorite cartoon character each year.
I'd make one for everyone and give a special one to my secret crush!
Yes, but only to my friends.

6. What is your ideal valentine's day date?
Roses, candle light, the hut tub... use your imagination!
I don't care what we do - as long as we spend it together...
I'll wait till the next night to go out - valentine's day sucks butt!
Bar-hopping to pick up a hottie!
A wedding proposal!
Dinner, a movies, holding hands...
As long as we go back to my place afterwards...

7. Choose a present for yourself:
A diamond ring
A romantic getaway
Cash will do, thanks.
A huge bouquet of roses
A gold watch
A favorite movie on DVD
A big stuffed animal

8. How would you reveal yourself to a secret crush?
I'd record a romantic message on their answering machine.
A hand-written love note.
Slip them a 20.
Email them your true feelings.
Surprise them with flowers.
I'd serenade them on a starry night!
What's the big deal? I'd just tell them straight-out.

9. Are you ready for a commitment?
My cell phone plan is a big enough commitment for now.
I am already married or hope to be soon.
Thank you, drive through.
Okay, but just for tonight.
If I meet the right person, sure.
I can't wait to find that special someone!
My relationships tend to be long-term.

10. And, of course, choose your underwear style:
A cute thong!
The fancy lingerie my love bought me.
Underwear? Who needs it?!
Whatever is clean. *sniff*
My boot in your ass.
Silk boxers.
Cute cotton panties.