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The 100 Acre Personality Quiz

Everyone loves Poohbear, Tigger, Eeyore, and the others who live in the 100 Acre Wood... But have you ever wondered which of them you are the most like? Now you can find out! Just fill out these 12 simple questions and click the button for your results!


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1. At a party, you:
Help clean up and make sure everyone gets home safely
Party? I doubt anyone would invite me
Surround yourself with friends
Are very shy and nervous
Are the center of attention and full of energy
Prefer to discuss the latest news and current events

2. Which career is closest to your dream job?
Editorial Writer
Sports Star

3. If a friend invited you to go skydiving, would you do it?
If everyone else was
They'd probably forget to invite me

4. Which type of food is your favorite?
Nothing fancy
Home-cooked meals
No time to eat!
The latest recipes you've read about

5. If your town was invaded by heffalumps and woozles, you would:
Probably not care
Make sure all the children are safe
Be ready to fight them all!
Take charge and create a detailed plan
Hide under your bed
Lend a helping hand wherever needed

6. In relationships, you tend to:
Have a best friend you look up to and share everything with
Be a loner
Boss people around
Have tons of friends
Have a tight group of friends
Feel you are smarter than most of your peers

7. What is the most important to you of the following?
Is anything really important?
Enjoying life
Controlling your environment

8. What kind of pet would you prefer?
Cat, because they don't need much from you
Dog, because they are loyal and loving
Snake, because they are dangerous and exciting
Parrot, because you can teach them to talk
Hamster, because they are cute and timid

9. At work you tend to be:
A hard, loyal worker
I don't think i'll ever find a job!
Eager to please
The boss
The one people come to for advice
The office clown

10. What do you worry about more?
Your sanity
I never worry!

11. What music do you prefer?
Something quiet and thought-provoking
Anything loud!
Whatever is new and hot at the moment
The classic songs you've loved for years
Something you can relax to

12. Which outdoor activity would you choose?
A picnic with friends
Relaxing under a quiet tree
None of the above